Social engineering tests

Social Engineering is a technique that relies on exploiting weaknesses in human nature, rather than hardware, software, or network vulnerabilities.
TAD GROUP offers four core Social Engineering areas to test human susceptibility to persuasion, suggestion, and manipulation:
Email Phishing
This danger is actually sending an email from a fake source with luring or false information that misleads the email recipient.
Exchange of important and sensitive information through emails happen constantly and almost daily.
However, almost all of these exchanges don’t go through the proper channels for authentication and authorization.
To perform the required inspection by email phishing TAD GROUP will provoke the staff to visit unfamiliar Web sites, to disclose sensitive information, or in short - to perform an action that employees would not do otherwise.
Like any other modern form of communication and the exchange of confidential information over the phone happens almost constantly. Nowadays suggestion to hear the voice of a person on the phone is enough confirmation of his identity. However, malicious persons already diverted frequently by Social Engineering via email to this by phone.
By methods of Social Engineering via phone TAD GROUP will check how your employees are willing to reveal sensitive information about you, or are to commit other action which might affect your interests - intentionally or not.
In the business, the information is exchanged by fax and more often this kind of communication process contain particularly sensitive information. The implementation of these exchanges of information too often is done without any identification or authorization of the requesting side. Social Engineering by fax aims to identify any weaknesses in the management and exchange of faxes that can show between your staff, during the inspection.
Physical Social Engineering
Team TAD GROUP specializes in performing tests for Physical Social Engineering in your company. The tests run in a real physical environment, with our professional staff directly involved (apparently) or indirectly (hidden). The purpose of such tests is to reveal potential weaknesses in the way your employees work with visitors.
As part of the checks, TAD GROUP`s consultants pretended to be suppliers, new employees, business associates and even family members of employees to provoke staff to give confidential company information or to authorize access to areas in your building prohibited external visitors.

Because the checkup always guarantees your security!

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