Network penetration testing

Penetration tests are application of methods and techniques to gain access to information systems. Their main goal is to identify the presence of vulnerabilities allowing malicious people to establish access to your systems and personal information.

TAD GROUP takes care to prevent possible breaches by identifying threats and provide effective methods to eliminate vulnerabilities before malicious hackers manage to exploit them. We are able to do penetration tests, analyzing your local and external networks.

Check the extent to which your internal network is publicly accessible, such as testing if your network services and protocols are protected. Create virtual topology of your servers, routers, switches, access points, firewalls, IPS/IDS devices and others. Having found the available devices on your network, check whether they are updated and test all possible exploits for found services and protocols. Check whether your important information is encrypted with strong enough algorithms so that no one can read it. Network tests also include testing of firmware and commodity software that is installed on various devices.

As a result of our penetration tests we will be able to see your systems in terms of hacker and experienced professional Network Security Engineer to find out where you can improve your security. Our consultants prepare written reports and provide your team the necessary guidelines for the effective elimination of all problems that we find.

TAD GROUP approached any intrusion test in a unique way for each client. Based on the findings of our specialists will synthesize customized course of action for both the management and the technical audience

The approach of TAD GROUP consists of about 80% manual testing and automated testing 20%, as actual results may differ slightly. Although automated testing enables efficiency, it is appropriate during the initial stages of penetration tests.

We TAD GROUP believe that comprehensive penetration test can be realized only through precise techniques for manual testing. And we securing our customers the best solution!

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