DDoS attack protection

Next among recent hacker attacks are those of the "denial of service" (DoS). DoS attacks target to crash the proposed customer service and spend system resources in its infrastructure. This type of attacks is conducted by sending a huge amount of network traffic, which is overloading the network channel. Another way is causing endless processes to run on the victim machine, using all of the CPU and Memory resources and others.

Today we see those attacks even more frequent, which makes them difficult, durable, sophisticated and compelling security challenges to organizations of various scale.
It is true that this kind of malicious actions isn't new, but most of the available methods and resources to conduct them are useless. They have drastically evolved to include (DDoS), and recently (DRDoS) as well. Those attacks simply can`t be overcome by most traditional solutions.

TAD GROUP can help you with advanced secure protection against DDoS attack which has the ability to reduce such threats of all shapes, sizes, and scale, including those aimed at mainstream network protocols, DNS amplification, and others.

To ensure your safety, we can apply effective DDoS protection based on Anycast technology - which has successfully mitigated attacks with traffic with more than 400 Gbps throughput.

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