Large-scale cyber-attack against Venezuela




A massive cyber-attack, which was made earlier this week against government websites in Venezuela, has left seven million mobile phone users without service, the government said today.

The Binary Guardians hacker group claimed responsibility for attacks that targeted the websites of the government, the supreme court, and the National Assembly.

"These terrorist actions which affected the Movilnet's GSM platform on Wednesday left without communication seven of the state operator's 13 million users," Science and Technology Minister Hugbel Roa said.

There are two other private mobile operators in Venezuela - Spanish-owned Movistar and Digitel.

Roa said the outage was part of a wave of attacks that began on Monday when dozens of websites of government and private organizations were hacked.

According to Roa, the country has suffered nine cuts in the country's fiber optic network, which has cut off the Internet service.

"The attacks were carried out with the help of foreign agents, trying once again to disrupt our country's connectivity," Roa said, adding that an investigation is currently under way.

In January, 17-year-old hacker Kapustkiy hacked three websites belonging to the government of Venezuela, which showed what their cybersecurity was.

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