E-cigarettes - the new hacker weapon




Although the benefits of electronic cigarettes are widely advertised, manufacturers certainly do not mention that these devices can also be used for malware distribution.

Nowadays, hackers are constantly inventing new ways to infect their victims with malware. Now, One of the new ways requires an e-cigarette. With a slight modification, hackers can turn it into a serious hacker tool to infect the targeted computer.

The cybersecurity specialist Ross Bevington (@FourOctets on Twitter) demonstrates how an electronic cigarette can successfully attack a computer by tricking it to believe that it was a keyboard. Bevington also managed to penetrate the computer, by interfering with its network traffic.



Such a hacker attack is actually possible because most electronic cigarettes have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be plugged into a cable or directly connected to the USB port of the computer to be charged.

It is still unclear what kind of malicious infection can be spread through electronic cigarettes, but after the WannaCry attacks, we can expect the worst. That's why you need to be especially careful when you connect your computer to electronic cigarettes or other devices, even if they seem totally harmless.

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