About us

Since the day one, TAD GROUP have been solely focused on cyber security, and this with high prestige and professional integrity of the company allows us to become a wanted place to grow for a large-scale team of specialists theoretically and practically perfectly prepared to maintain the cyber security of their clients. By achieving an exceptional level of trust and customer satisfaction, TAD GROUP has become a Bulgaria`s leader in designing and implementing various solutions for cyber security.
The main purpose of our activities is to discover, observe and react to targeted "advanced persistent threat" (APT) and internal dangers. Our success in preparing and responding to any targeted attacks are the result of extremely our extensive knowledge and strong professional interest in the current cyber landscape.

Besides the necessary expertise, TAD GROUP`s specialists have proven track record performing in different areas of protecting computer networks.
We understand in depth the seriousness of the cyber danger, which constantly faces our customers because we are familiar with the continuous improvement and sustainable landscape of cyber threats in the past few years.
Our highly qualified and experienced team conducts offensive operations in different networks and systems, providing the ground truth about an environment’s security. The best defense in today's cyber world is not good to attack and a great one!
TAD GROUP is guided by principles of ethical hacking. We work with permission from our customers and intentions and our actions are built to improve cybersecurity.


TAD GROUP performs virtuoso penetration tests followed by a security audit evaluating the level of protection on your system. The audit is the result of the test attacks on your system that our team will hold. For this purpose, we apply the same tools and methods that would use and most experienced cybercriminal.

But that's not all! After describing in detail all findings of tests carried out on the basis of this specific scorecard system security, we will make adequate and relevant recommendations for improvement. This enables a periodical follow-up, meaning you can track if your security score is improving with time.

Performing planned professional penetration testing and auditing of the system are the surest way to reveal what its weaknesses to be able to take timely measures for securing it.

See more about services offered by TAD GROUP penetration tests in the "Services" section.

Be able to avoid the hard consequences of the serious hacker attack!


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