How easily can a hacker attack your systems?


Can you detect if someone is trying to break in?
Do you even know if someone has already done it?


Penetration tests give a full and proper assessment of the security level of your infrastructure. After completion, you will be provided with a report containing not only a detailed assessment of the security of your systems but also detailed recommendations to correct and improve their security. Our attempts to infiltrate your system will reveal its weaknesses, and this is the only sure way to fix the vulnerabilities.

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Cybercrime is a worldwide epidemic. Protect your infrastructure!

Latest news


University expelled student for using hardware keylogger

Kansas University has expelled a student for installing a hardware keylogger.


Fancy Bear hacker group exploits recently patched Flash vulnerability

Russia-linked cyber espionage group has been using a recently patched Adobe Flash Player vulnerability in attacks aimed at government organizations and aerospace companies.


Sockbot enslave Android devices into botnet

A newly discovered Android malware that can add the compromised devices to a botnet that could launch DDoS attacks.


Vulnerabilities in Linksys routers found with no patches

Cybersecurity specialists have revealed details of several apparently unpatched vulnerabilities affecting the Linksys E-Series wireless home routers.

Latest articles


Guide for GDPR compliance

In May 2018, the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) will take effect, significantly changing the way organizations process and store data.


BEURK - Experimental Unix RootKit

BEURK is an user-land preload rootkit for GNU/Linux.


U.N. survey did not find cybersecurity gaps just in Singapore

50% of countries do not have a cybersecurity strategy at all.


FBI: $ 1.45 billion in losses to cybercrime in 2016

Only 15 % of the victims reported cybercrime to the authorities.

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